Customised Marketing Strategies for SMEs

Contract college students for Customised Marketing Strategies, breakthrough marketing ideas, fresh perspectives & insights!


In-Company Training for Future Marketeers

Build a network of contacts! Quality internships with a solid practical and professional experience


Accessibility to Marketing Internships

Best colleges prepare students for a successful career!

European house marketing concept

Students, SMEs, Universities

We connect SMEs with International and European Business Universities, Top Marketing Students and Young Graduates using an innovative recruitment strategy based on open-innovation concept.

We harness knowledge and talent from Top Students of best European and International Business Universities,
offering to students an improved access to quality internships and a real and strong knowledge and understanding of the issues and businesses needs faced by European SMEs
optimising SMEs digital marketing strategies through cooperation, open access to innovation
and up-to-date ideas and technologies,

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Customised Marketing Strategies that concentrates solely on your company’s marketing needs from Best European and International Business Universities Students.

We recruit, mentor and connect with you students and new graduated specialised in marketing from Top European and International Business Universities.

The selection is based on your business marketing requirements to solve specific projects of your choice.

You can structure your marketing team based on your company’s specific marketing needs or you can request a Complete Marketing Service:

  • Analysis of your current marketing situation.
  • Customised Marketing Strategy fitted to your company needs.
  • Implementation of Marketing Strategy and Up-to-Date Marketing Technologies.
  • Evaluation of Marketing Strategy – ROI, Sales Number, Customer Response, Expansion.

Use cooperative education and internships to provide an economical way to screen, train, and develop potential full-time employees.


Quality marketing internships with a solid practical and professional experience.

Get your foot in the door with best European SMEs! Offering an improved access to quality internships and real and strong knowledge and understanding of the marketing needs faced by European SMEs today, we connect students with best European Businesses through the Open-Innovation Recruitment Program.

  • We help you build a practical and professional marketing experience in a motivating and energetic environment.
  • We boost your professional connections and employability perspectives!
  • We offer solutions for in-company training in the marketing field.
  • We promote your success and we contribute to your academic performance!

Request your carefully planned and monitored work experience, we are the link between students internship requirements and European SMEs marketing needs.


Academic Performance and Career-Focused Marketing Internships

European House Initiative Foundation through the Open-Innovation Recruitment Program supports European and International Business Universities in intensifying students and young graduates for in-company training.

As to this purpose, the project provides Universities with solutions for recruitment of young people interested specifically on marketing field internships.

  • Sustainable strategies for students interested for in-company marketing training.
  • Facilitating Universities access to internships opportunities.
  • Facilitate students entrance into the working life.
  • Connecting Universities, Students and SMEs
  • Promoting teamwork, cooperation and open access to innovation.

Focus are methods of acquisition, selection and integration of students prior and during their work placement.